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Welcome to the Alphabet Alley family! We are a family owned and operated business.
The idea for Alphabet Alley began back in 2003 when founder Marilyn Fontana began a search for entertaining, faith-based toys for her daughter to play with. What she soon found was there were no basic blocks, puzzles or games that combined toddler fun and a Christian message. In 2004, a decision was made and Alphabet Alley was born!

I began working with Alphabet Alley in January 2009 as National Accounts Manager. As a mom, I have dedicated my life to teaching our children God’s ways. I believe these products are exactly what I would want my kids to be playing with as I sow into them the foundation of our Faith.

As of May 2011, my husband, Jason, and I have happily taken over all operations for Alphabet Alley. We are thrilled to continue growing the Alphabet Alley brand and look forward to bringing new and exciting experiences along the way.

Our vision is to provide toys that engage the souls of children while introducing God’s Word into their hearts. It is our sincere hope that these toys will bring smiles to the children in your life and encourage more families to invest and delight in one another. - The Fleming Family